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Our Story

I found the use of ghee through my journey with auto-immune that was progressing into Lupus. My symptoms can be summarized as my body was attacking anything that spiked my glucose levels. My nervous system was stuck in the fight or flight approach. I had to inculcate a few lifestyle changes that included an anti-inflammatory eating style. Most people know this diet as Paleo. What I love about the Paleo lifestyle, is that it is a whole body, mind, and spirit approach. A big part of an anti-inflammatory diet is ghee. Ghee actually coats the digestive tract and nervous system to aid in repairing all the damage that has been done.

About Us

Brimming with texture, flavor, and taste, Urban Gita Ghee is all about authenticity. Our grass-fed ghee is made with a uniform consistency to please your taste buds. Derived purely from cultured better, Urban Gita Ghee has many health benefits. Whether you are looking for a rich indulgence for your Indian Palate, or you would like to experiment at different smoke points, we promise you nothing less than excellence.


Urban Gita Ghee

A cooking oil & spread made from cultured organic butter.